The Cause of God and Truth

Need help dealing with tricky Arminians?

The first book I reach for when seeking to answer Arminian objections (besides the BIBLICAL TEXT ITSELF) is an old trusted causeofgodandtruth03work by Baptist John Gill titled The Cause of God and Truth. I purchased my copy from Amazon for about $25 bucks and it was definitely worth it. Around 1733/4 John Gill set out to answer the “universal scheme” set forth by Dr. Daniel Whitby in his Discourse on the Five Points.

The first portion was published in 1735 and works through Arminian proof texts . It was completed by extracting “from sermons delivered in a Wednesday evening’s lecture.”

The second portion was published in 1736 and deals with the Five Points of Calvinism from scripture including the always difficult subject of reprobation.

The third portion published in 1737 is a “confutation of the arguments from reason used by Arcauseofgodandtruth02minians” “that they are no more disagreeable to right reason than to divine revelation…” In this portion Dr. Gill essentially dismantles the “it’s not fair” and the “that would make God a monster” arguments against the doctrines of grace.

The forth portion works through the writings of the early church fathers showing were they agree with Calvinism. I admit the early church fathers can be inconsistent, however, Dr. Gill undertook to show where they did agree with the Reformation position.

The work can be found online here and downloaded in pdf format here.





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