Music Haunted by the Gospel

It’s Friday!

Let’s enjoy some good music as we look forward to the Lord’s Day. Before we get to some of the new vids I’ve been enjoying lately check out God and Country: Echoes of the Church in American Music. A few quotes to grab your interest:

Church history is not confined to pews and hymnals, though; because of the seeping nature of Christianity, Church history interacts with and affects everything around it.

By the 1960s the phenomenon of popular music was in full swing, and like education before it, it was “secularized.” But not really. Musicians still instinctively gravitated to the rich spiritual aesthetics of earlier American music.

Today, Christians complain of the secularization of the culture. But American music is still haunted by the gospel.

God reveals Himself to the world through a very imperfect Church, and humans who come into contact with it just can’t shake it.

A song every believing parent wants to hear from their child.

The the secret Taylor Swift fans reading Mor…hehe. Pop country?

Classic Carter Family! Frailing banjo tab can be found online free. (Songs for Sunday)

That should get your toe tapping,




  1. Jen Wilderdyk · September 27, 2013

    Hi jm…re psalm music. Are you aware of the concert in Strathroy tomorrow night @ 7:30?…Group called the Psalm Project from NL. They sing in English. You can google them. 5*****! Free too!
    The Sons of Korah (also committed to putting the Psalms to music) an Aussie group (can also be googled) will be giving a concert in Toledo, Ohio on Oct. 10. That one is $10.

    • jm · September 27, 2013

      I did not know that, thanks Jen. I’ll post something about the events.

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