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“A blog dedicated to reviving the voices of 17th (and 16th…and sometimes 18th) century theologians, especially the Particular Baptists.”

Samples below:

From Keach’s “The Everlasting Covenant”

Take note that the Particular Baptists follow Owen very closely on the Mosaic covenant (And innumerable other articles).

“True, there was another Edition or Administration of it given to Israel, which tho’ it was a Covenant of Works, i.e. Do this and live, yet it was not given by the Lord to the same End and Design, as the Covenant was given to our First Parents, viz. It was not given to justifie them, or to give them eternal Life; For if Righteousness had been by the Law, then Christ is dead in vain, Gal. 2.21. And again saith Paul, For if there had been a Law given, that could have given Life, verily Righteousness should have been by the Law, Gal 3.21. But indeed, it was impossible Life, Justification, or Righteousness, could be by the Law, or by any Law, because Man hath sinned, and is now unable to answer the Law of perfect Obedience, all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God: We must therefore now be justified by the Grace of God, through the Redemption which is in Jesus Christ; but tho’ Man had lost his Power to obey, yet God hath not lost his Poer to command. ‘Therefore, as Dr. Owen shews, it (was added or) revealed in the Wisdom of God, as instructive; as also, to shew the Excellency of that State and Condition, in which we were created; with the Honour that God put upon our Nature: from whence Directions unto a due Apprehension of God and ourselves, may be taken or derived. It served to shew what a Righteousness Man once had, and by his Transgression lost and also what a Righteousness ‘tis, which the Holiness of Go doth require, in order to our Justification in his sight.”

From Benjamin Keach’s “The Everlasting Covenant.”

Keach tells us that though the Covenant of Grace had been made known since the fall of man, it was not established, nor did it have an outward visible administration until the life and death of Jesus Christ.


“Pray let me here note Four Things, as touching the Covenant of Grace.
1. The Time when ’twas made with Christ for us: and that was from eternity.
2. When it was first revealed; and that was to our First Parents as soon as they fell, and broke the Covenant of Works.
3. When it was executed, confirmed, and touching the outward Dispensation of it, took its rise or beginning; it was executed by Christ as our Head, when he came into the World, in part. i.e. in his Life, and ratified and confirmed by his Blood: and the rise of beginning of the outward Dispensation of it, was at his Death and Resurrection, when the Old Covenant ceas’d or was abrogated.
4. When and how are we said to have it made with us, or performed to us actually and personally, so as to have real Interest in all the Blessings and Privileges thereof? (For as it respecteth us, it only contains free and absolute Promises, like the Waters of Noah: And not a Law of conditional Faith and Obedience to be performed by us) Now we have not actual Interest in it, and so personally it cannot be said to be made with us, until we have actual Union with Christ, and do believe in him.”


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