Preterism Refuted

Strong words from Bishop Elliott and although you may not agree with his writings or his conclusion you will find his work historically accurate and worth your time.

Who was E. B. Elliott?

“Edward Bishop Elliott (1793-1875), scholarly prophetic expositor, received his education at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 1816. After traveling in Italy and Greece he was given the vicarage of Tuxford, Nottingham, in 1824, and later was made prebendary of NPG x132252; Edward Bishop Elliott by James HolroydHeytesbury, Wiltshire. In 1849 he became incumbent of St. Mark’s Church, Brighton. A member of the Evangelical school, he was an earnest promoter of missionary enterprise and an ardent advocate of premillenialism. Elliott was thoroughly equipped as a scholar and was deeply interested in prophecy, spending a lifetime in investigation and seeking to understand God’s mind thereon.
His Horae Apocalypticae (Hours with the Apocalypse) [literally ‘time with the Apocalypse’] is doubtless the most elaborate word ever produced on the Apocalypse…

Begun in 1837, its 2500 pages of often involved and overloaded text are buttressed by some 10,000 invaluable references to ancient and modern works bearing on the topics under discussion…. Perhaps its most unique feature is the concluding sketch of the rise and spread of the Jesuit counter systems of interpretation that had made such inroads upon Protestantism. Holding unswervingly to the Historical School of interpretation, Elliott gives the most complete exposure of these counter interpretations to be found.” (The Prophetic Faith of Our Fathers, Leroy Froom vol. III, pgs. 716-718)

Still Waters posted some audio excerpts from Elliott’s work dealing with Preterism. This audio includes a quote from Gary Damar (Preterist) and a rebuttal to the point made by Demar from an article by Patrick Fairbain (Is Popery The Antichrist) followed by a reading of Elliott’s work.

Get the audio: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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