Postmil & Historicism

A. W. Pink was a Dispensational Premillennialist in his early years. Latter he embraced Amillennialism and wanted all of his earlier Dispensational material burned but his work The Antichrist can still be found online. In it he attacks Historicism and Postmillennialism. pink

“The dominant view which has been held by Protestants since the time of the Reformation is that the many predictions relating to the Antichrist describe, instead, the rise, progress, and doom of the papacy. This mistake has led to others, and given rise to the scheme of prophetic interpretation which has prevailed throughout Christendom. When the predictions concerning the Man of Sin were allegorized, consistency required that all associated and collateral predictions should also be allegorized, and especially those which relate to his doom, and the kingdom which is to be established on the overthrow of his power. When the period of his predicted course was made to measure the whole duration of the papal system, it naturally followed that the predictions of the associated events should be applied to the history of Europe from the time that the Bishop of Rome became recognized as the head of the Western Churches. It was, really, this mistake of Luther and his contemporaries in applying to Rome the prophecies concerning the Antichrist which is responsible, we believe, for the whole modern system of post-millennialism.”

If Revelation is a progressive revelation of church history Postmil makes good sense. Don’t you think? At the very least a literal “millennium” of some determined amount of time, literal of figurative, could be deduced…right?

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  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · September 12, 2013

    Surely for me the Post-Mill is dead! And I am not so much interested in being historically Reformed or even historically Reformational, as biblical, especially in Eschatology! Note several of the modern Calvinists that are Historic Pre-Mill, especially Gordon Clark.

  2. jm · September 12, 2013

    Hi Robert, I don’t think we’ll see a huge resurgence for Postmil either but I was surprised to find it is gaining ground in conservative micro-Reformed and micro-Presbyterian circles. The church I have been attending has a Pastor that is Postmil and more than a few congregates that are as well. I’m currently reading, “Days of Vengeance” by Chilton and it is Postmil. So far it is an interesting read.

    • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · September 13, 2013

      I am not surprised here at all, for far too many Reformed (like Pink) are/were simply in love with their history, and past etc. I like to think I am Reformed (a neo-Calvinist) as to soteriology, but a “catholic” (Irenaeian like) in eschatology… which is always Historic Pre-Mill! We are surely at the end of the age! Humanity will simply not survive the 21st century! (At least I just don’t see it!)… We all must plant our biblical-theological flag somewhere!

      • jm · September 13, 2013

        I think it is true that men and women find comfort in creeds and confessions without exercising any biblical discernment. I also think it is true, for me in particular who was hornswoggled by dispensationalism, that creeds and confessions allow us to anchor our beliefs in history as well as scripture. We benefit from the experience of the church without the church lording over us.



  3. Meg · October 15, 2013

    Reblogged this on The Antipas Chronicles.

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