Progression v. Recapitulation

A topic I have been reading about lately, progression verse recapitulation in Revelation. A pretty good outline that help explain augustinesome of the differences, strengths and weaknesses right here. 5 Points are quoted below that are associated with Amillennialism.

(1) The binding of Satan represents the victory of Christ over the powers of darkness accomplished at the cross.

(2) The 1,000 years is symbolic of a long, indeterminate period, corresponding to the age of the church (now).

(3) Satan will be loosed briefly to wreak havoc and to persecute the church in the end of the present age.

(4) The fire coming from heaven and consuming the wicked is symbolic of Christ’s Second Coming.

(5) A general resurrection and judgment of the evil and the good will occur at Christ’s coming, followed by the creation of new heavens and a new earth.

Pictured to the right is Augustine who is often mistakenly sited as the source for Amillennialism. Wiki notes, “In general, however, premillennialism appeared in the available writings of the early church but it was evident that both views existed side by side. The premillennial beliefs of the early church fathers, however, are quite different from the dominant form of modern-day premillennialism, namely dispensational premillennialism.”


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  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · September 5, 2013

    Indeed the Premillennial has seen a theological progression over the last century and a half certainly! And it is still under “progression”, noting the PD, of the Progressive Dispensationalism. I am not sure about the A-Mill? Though the A-Mill has admitted the aspect of a personal Antichrist with some theolog’s. And even a remnant for the Jews and “covenant” for Modern Israel.

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