The Promise Given Before Circumcision

A few quotes from Nehemiah Coxe on the Covenant of Grace made with father Abraham:coxe

“The covenant of grace made with Abraham was not the same for substance that had been more darkly revealed in the ages before, but it pleased God to transact it with him as he had non done with any before him.” Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ pg. 71

“This covenant of grace, of which we have been speaking and which the Holy Spirit in the New Testament has so remarkably pointed out to us, by which Abraham was made the father of the faithful and all believers according to it were to be considered as a seed that God would give to him, was confirmed and ratified by a sure promise to Abraham. This was a considerable time (about twenty five years) before the covenant of circumcision was given to him. The covenant of grace then had no outward sign or seal annexed to it. Indeed, that which has been lately affirmed, that the covenant of grace always had an outward sign or seal added to it, is so wide a mistake that on the contrary it may affirmed that although the efficacy of its grace reached believers in all ages yet it was not filled up with ordinances or worship proper and peculiar to itself until the times of reformation. Nor was there until then any outward sign or token immediately belonging to it. For had it been, so this sign or token, like the covenant itself, would have remained without change and not vanished away with the other shadows or the Mosaic economy.” Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ pg. 80


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