Another Large Mouth!


As you can see I haven’t had much time for blogging. Folks around my way are shocked to see how many large mouth I’ve been able to catch in the last 3 weeks. The count is at 11 with dozens of blue gill and sun fish using floats, shrimp, crickets and once in a while worms. The one pictured was caught with a small lure. It seems my spot by the river is paying off and no, I will not tell you where.




  1. Andrew Suttles · August 24, 2013

    looks like a lightweight rod …must’ve been a fun fight. I don’t like to eat fish, so bass are my favorite to catch. Do you every get any Pike up your way?

    Do you kids fish with you? My son is six and I haven’t started him out yet.

    • jm · August 24, 2013

      It is a light rod. I thought my grandfather bought it over 10 years ago but he told me it was fished out of the bay. I do eat fish, lots of them, but not bass. Someone told me they have worms this time of year, worms that do not affect the meat…but I couldn’t bring myself to eat them if they had worms. We catch a lot of channel cats and I do skin them. This is the first year I’ve been fishing in 20! I did catch one pike in the same spot where I’m getting the bass. Now that I’m getting into it I’ll buy a medium rod and better/newer tackle.

      I force my children to go every couple of weeks but they never were taught to fish as kids, I just didn’t fish when they were younger, so they rather not. If I were you I’d start them early.


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