Suretyship and Substitution

“…our Redeemer liberates His elect from all liability to the vengeance of justice, having met it Himself. Oh, that blessed doctrine of suretyship and substitution, how it cheers my heart. He could not be a Redeemer without it. To be a Redeemer He must meet the awakened sword of justice, and allow it to be sheathed in His heart, He must offer Himself a sacrifice for sin, and bear sin, and the curse, and the vengeance due to it, in His own body on the tree.

What mean those years of sorrow and contradiction of sinners against Himself which He spent in Judea?

What mean those cruelties inflicted upon Him in Gethsamane, in Pilate’s hall, and on Calvary’s top?

Whence those strong cries and tears? Whence that weakness, induced in the flesh by His sufferings?

Just simply to appease stern justice, just to satisfy, and exhaust, and drink up the vengeance due to the transgressions of His Church.

Oh, precious, precious Christ, help us to love thee more while thus musing upon what thou hast done as our Redeemer.”

Joseph Irons


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