Dr. James White asked the following questions during a written debate with Dave Hunt:itisfinished

Is the atonement substitutionary?

Did Jesus take the penalty of sin for every person who has ever lived, is living, and ever will live?

If so, what was God’s intention in laying the sin of every person on Christ?

Was it His purpose to make men savable, or to actually atone for their sins?

And if those sins have been borne by Christ and the punishment due them laid upon Him, upon what basis will those same sins be punished in those who reject Him?

Did Jesus, as the faithful High Priest, intercede for those who will never be saved?

And if so, what is the nature of this failed intercession?

And is it not true that Mr. Hunt and those who follow his views limit the atonement’s effect and power, while Reformed theologians limit its scoope and intention?


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