As you know I am a Baptist, a Particular one at that. I’ve been attending a Presbyterian church with my family and struggling to fit in…but I’m still a convinced Baptist!

This morning I found a blog post that helps to sum up why I am still a Baptist.

Some of my best friends and my most admired heroes of the Christian faith believe in the practice of baptizing infants and bringing them into the membership of the church apart from any profession of faith. My love and respect for these dear brothers and venerable men of God has on more than one occasion inclined me to reconsider whether they’ve got it right and I’ve got it wrong.

But after “revisiting” the issue several times, I’m still a Baptist.

For the rest:


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Still a Baptist

  1. I am a Reformed Baptist who worships in a Missouri Synod Lutheran Congregation. Some Sundays I feel like a Navy man in an infantry regiment.

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