When I look around at all the Old Fashion recipes on the net they seem too convoluted to be a simple cocktail. The pictures I’ve found make the Old Fashion look like you dumped a fruit cup into it. The best site I found: OLD FASHION 101 aprye

Here’s I make it:

1 oz. rye (100% rye)
5 – 7 dashes of bitters
2 cubes of ice


No sugar or fruit is needed.

I think folks tend to over do alcohol for plenty of reasons but alcohol can sneak up on you if you are covering it up with fruit and sugar. If you just leave the whiskey alone it’ll tell you, most normal folks anyway, when to back off. For strait sipping (100% Canadian rye) I like Alberta Springs 10 year old whiskey. Nice and smooth with just a few drops of water to open it up. If I’m making a Whiskey Sour or the Old Fashion I like the younger Alberta Premium that is aged 5 years.

Long story short…enjoy what you drink and don’t over do it.



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