Premil ain’t Chill pt. 2

Premillennialism Is A Descent Of Ancient Judaism cigarlady

This brief survey of history shows that Chiliasm flourished during times of adversity and hardships. This also accounts for its great progress during the great war.

The Judaistic features of Chiliasm can be readily seen by an examination of the Apocalyptic writings of the Jews. The genesis of this doctrine may be found in these writings which are generally dated in the pre-Christian period. The Jews divided the future into two separate periods. The first era is considered to be of a temporal nature and is designated as the kingdom of the Messiah. The second era is of eternal duration and is called the kingdom of God. The transient Messianic kingdom prepares the way for the final setting up of the eternal kingdom of God. This is exactly the position of the Premillennialists of today. Christ’s Messianic kingdom comes first and after that the kingdom of God. That the Chiliasts have incorporated a part of ancient Jewish eschatology in their scheme of the future is very evident.



  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · July 2, 2013

    Amen! This is part of that Salvation History and Covenant/covenants which are Jewish, but also universal or toward the Gentile Nations, Rom. 15-8-9, etc. Indeed GOD is a “Dispensationalist” (management in time and eternity, for the Election of Grace & Glory!)

    • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · July 2, 2013

      Btw mate, is that really YOU with a “wig”? (Of course I am kdding, but man that is one heck of a cigar!)

      • jm · July 2, 2013

        That’s my gran!


        I find her irresistible, I call her Grace.

      • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · July 2, 2013

        Aye, older people are cool (for the most part), I am somewhat beginning that run myself (64, late Oct.). God Bless Grace! 🙂

      • jm · July 2, 2013

        and God’s blessings on you brother…

  2. Meg · July 10, 2013

    Reblogged this on The Antipas Chronicles.

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