(Sometimes I don’t know what to title these blog posts so you’ll have to forgive me for today’s horribly bad title.)cigarlady

This is a reblog of Why the Early Church Finally Rejected the Jewish error of Premillennialism. It has nothing to do with antisemitism but scripture and scripture alone for God’s glory alone.

Happy Canada Day!



5 thoughts on “Premil ain’t Chill

  1. Indeed, the loss of Historic Pre-Mill was a hermeneutical disaster for Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and finally Augustine (to name a few big names). Note, I was both A-Mill and Post-Mill for years! But not since the early 90’s (and my tour in Gulf War 1), I will follow Irenaeus, and his “Against Heresies” (A. D. 180) Note btw, a real Antichrist here! To quote, Charles Hill: “by far the most extensive and best reasoned in Christian literature to date, on the millennium”.

    1. Btw, when one concentrates on the Ante-Nicene Christian Chiliasts, instead of just the moderns, like Irenaeus, Papias, Justin, Tertullian, etc., the Historical of Premillennialism is much better understood, and certainly seen as not just a Jewish doctrine.

  2. Premillennialists are ‘chil’-iasts.

    I don’t think this is a solid ground to deny the millennium.

    An article like this could be written: “Why the Early Church Rejected Believers Baptism” or “Why the Early Church Rejected Sola Fide”.

    1. Without further explanation I’m not sure I follow. I would say the opposite, Stander and Louw, infant baptists, would argue credo was the position of the early church and Gill explains sola fide in The Cause of God and Truth.

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