It was asked,

A somewhat well-known minister of the reformed persuasion wrote “We should have seen very clearly that we must not rely even upon our belief; even our belief in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is not my belief that saves me; it is not my faith that saves me. If I say that, I am turning my belief and my faith into works. I am taking credit to myself, and I must not do that.”

It appears that the Bible fails to support what this minister is saying. Is the minister wrong or have I misunderstood? If so could someone please explain it to me?

Ron Wood answered, “Far too many folks have faith in their faith. There is no salvation apart from faith in Christ but faith isn’t what saves a soul. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. What that means is that by faith we know that God is faithful to His Son and us in Him. And that He will do all that He promised. Faith is resting in Christ and not ourselves. Faith is looking at all the promises of God with an eye to them all being fulfilled and dispensed in Christ. Faith is a total and complete reliance on Christ alone without anything of me.

Folks who have faith in their faith look to their faith and not to Christ. That is what I believe the man was talking about.”


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