Sorry folks for not posting in a while but I’ve been reading a lot of fiction lately, doing some fishing and watching the television show Fringe. This post will be a roundup of some interesting and informative articles, music and a sermon recommendation that I found worth a look since my blog post.

Blog Posts Worth Reading:

Atheism: In Search of a Definition

The Textual History of the Westminster Confession of Faith

The Jesuit Origins of Futurism

YouTube Videos Worth Watching:

The New Covenant in Hebrews 8 – Recently I was reminded of Dr. White’s debate over the issue of baptism and wanted to share a portion that I find very convincing.

Amazing Grace – A free banjo lesson on Amazing Grace in open D. Patrick is a wonderful teacher.

The Full Authority of the Scriptures – A reading from Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion.

Some Facebook pages I try to update once a week:

Gadsby’s Hymns – A wonderful collection of sovereign grace hymns.

Silas Durand – A Primtive Baptist with deep experiential insight.

Nehemiah Coxe – Author of a (long forgotten until recently) very important book on covenant theology. I will try to post quotes from the work as time permits.

A Reminder About My YouTube Channels:

Grace Abounding – Just a name change, same location on the net…

jaybirdsbanjo – A place I post useless stuff that display my inability to play the banjo. 🙂

Sermon Recommendation:

Last Lord’s Day I heard a sermon that focused on the centrality of Christ in missions, encouraging us to be satisfied in the simplicity of Christ and to have full confidence in the word of God.

‘We don’t have a band or fancy children’s programing…but we do have the word of God; Baptism [and the Lord’s Supper]…’ and that is enough. (Henry Bartsch, June 23rd evening service at Trinity ARP Church)

Listen to the full sermon here.

** No Friday post would be complete without some banjo pickin’. My favourite version of Drunken Hiccups played on a fretless. Heed the warning folks…too much whiskey will be your downfall…so enjoy God’s gifts in moderation!


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