Rewards, Crowns and Things

We all get exactly what Christ has earned for us and nothing less. The question is what has He earned for us. Of course the answer is all of it. If my rewards are based on my works in any measure to any extent then I am bound for Hell for sure. We are joint-heirs with Christ who alone deserves the glory that awaits us. In Him I am accepted. In Him I am adopted. In Him I am blessed. In Him I am glorified. In Him I have an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled. In Him I am complete. – Ron Wood


One comment

  1. Ron Wood · June 12, 2013

    I will never quite get why you think what I might say is worthy of blogging. If what I say helps folks then all the glory belongs to God who gave me the words, not by inspiration of course. Still it is an encouragement that anyone might find what I write or say helpful. I am both humbled and excited that Christ would, in sovereign grace, use me in any way. Ron.

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