Wind, Speed and Consistency

From my copy of Earle Liederman’s The Science of Wrestling and the Art of Jiu-jitsu (1930):


“A great deal of importance should be attached to the nature of the exercises indulged in when training. Avoid exercises that develop slow muscles. Running and rope-skipping are very good for building up endurance. Running is a natural exercise for expanding and developing the lungs, while rope-skipping will make you light and quick on your feet.”

“I advise you to do your running in the cool of the morning, for then the air is pure. A two or three-mile trot early each morning on the open roads breathing in the pure fresh air, will produce a beneficial effect on your system and build up your nerves, and eventually bring you the endurance necessary to become a successful wrestler.”


“Skipping the rope will build up endurance in your leg muscles and also add to your wind. When skipping, I suggest you go through the performance as quickly as possible, for doing it in this manner will quicken the leg muscles. Speed is absolutely essential in wrestling and I want to impress upon your minds that unless you are quick you will stand but little chance in the wrestling world.”


“Stick to your daily exercising and let nothing stop you, regardless of circumstances, unless a serious injury should happen to you, for once you neglect your training you will find it more difficult to start over again. Remember, a tool always in use never becomes rusty. Do not be satisfied with one form of exercising. Vary the movements and change your program occasionally, so as to prevent it from becoming monotonous.”



  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · May 25, 2013

    Wow, the neck on this guy is like a small tree-trunk! (Well maybe make that a mid size tree-trunk). 😉

    • jm · May 25, 2013

      lol. Consistency = tree-trunk neck.

      • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · May 25, 2013

        I almost thought I was reading something for the RMC’s …Royal Marine Commando’s…. wind, speed, consistency! 😉

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