“The fellows are in my room now on the last Sunday night, smoking the cigars and eating the oranges which it has been the greatest delight I ever had to provide whenever possible. My idea of delight is a Princeton room full of fellows smoking. When I think what a wonderful aid tobacco is to friendship and Christian patience, I have sometimes regretted that I never began to smoke.” J. Gresham Machen


One thought on “Good quote from an ol’ fundie

  1. I grew-up in Dublin Ireland in the life of the 50’s and early 60’s, of course the WW II generation was all around me, and smoking was always part of most of their lives. But my father was a scientist & physicist, who did not smoke long after WW II, so I simply did not see him smoke. Nor did I smoke! And my wife (younger than me), who smoked when she was a teen, until about ten years ago has chronic COPD. And as a hospital chaplain, I have seen up close the ills of people who have smoked and died from it also. So smoking really has never had a great delight for me! And most of my smoking uncles, great uncles never saw life much past their early 70’s, and a few in their mid 60’s. My father died at 88! And both of my grown sons, do not smoke!

    I am 63, but yes.. my times are in the Father’s hand, whenever my time comes!

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