Scripture Died

A very enlightening podcast by Al Mohler and Michael Legaspi about the removal of the Bible from its ecclesiastical position as the inspired text to a university text that needs to be recused using scientific methods.

…Protestant liberalism emerging in the 19th century in the European context was largely an effort to save Christianity as a meaningful cultural force after the supernatural was no longer a natural part of the intellectual furniture. And it seems to me what you’re arguing is that there were many, especially in the same cultural and intellectual context, who said the Bible is no longer to be understood as Scripture. It’s no longer an authoritative set of writings that we understand to be divinely inspirited; however, the Bible’s still important and its importance now has to be translated into a cultural importance. And, of all things, along comes, if I’m understand the story right, the rise of the modern university and the custodians of the university then as those who led to this transformation of the Bible from scripture to text.

Listen or read the transcript here.


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