Non-Denominationalism in an Age of Ecumenicism

Abraham's Seed

I once attended a very small but well-known Calvinistic Baptist church near where I live. Years before I started attending, the church name was changed from _________ Baptist Church to a non-denominational name. I wasn’t so much bothered by the new name as the rationale. The argument, as I understand it, is that denominational names carry baggage that they wanted to avoid. Instead of being a ‘Baptist’ church, they would be a ‘baptistic’ church. I cringe when I hear that! Should we flee from the baggage associated with the words like Christian and proclaim ourselves no longer Christian, but Christian-istic?

The short-sited aspect of this phenomenon, to my mind, is that it is in many cases the non-denominational churches that are the proprietors of every imaginable gimick, format, program, method, heresy, and all manner of craziness and ‘looniness’.

Here are a few of my arguments for avoiding non-denominational names:

  1. Does…

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