When asked,

What is the proper mode of baptism?

Brother Ron Wood replied,

There is no such thing as a mode of baptism. There is only baptism which is immersion.

A crystal clear answer. Thanks.



9 thoughts on “What is the proper mode of baptism?

  1. Amen, Brother Wood, amen! Anything else, anything less, is not baptism. Simply translate the word instead of transliterating it, and put a period on the end. End of statement. End of discussion. Do not allow the graveclothes of the Romanist cult worn by their paedobaptist heirs to cloud the issue by their indefensible refusal: 1) to translate the word, and 2) to admit that there is not a shred of Scriptural evidence for their error.

    1. Robert, I have no real experience with Greek but it seems, and wiki could be wrong (lol), but baptism in the Greek means immersion (dip into).

    2. Understood, much more, but not less. It may also be translated where appropriate depending on the context as “placed into” or “totally identified with”, but the sense of “immersion” is always present,

  2. It is a very clear and unmistakable answer.

    A follow-on question to this statement could be, logically, “If a Christian is “baptized” by a minister who does not immerse (I know that non-immersion is not baptism according to the above answer, but bear with me here), has he been baptized?”

    The answer to this question then must be, simply, “no.”

    Another question is, then, should someone who has been “baptized” by sprinkling our pouring be “rebaptized?”

    I am considering the baptism question carefully, myself. I am not prepared to call the baptism of a Presbyterian invalid based upon whether or not one is immersed, and I am likewise not prepared to call that of a Baptist invalid using the same principle.

    It seems to me that the above simple answer would invalidate out-of-hand all non-immersion “baptisms” and require baptism via immersion.



    1. Justin,

      Thanks for the post. I believe in confessor baptism, that only those who confess faith in Christ should be baptized. We baptize upon a profession of faith in obedience to Christ’s command. I would say speak with your Elders first before making any decision but personally…I was baptized according to scriptures after studying the issue.

      My wife was baptized according to scriptures the same day as well.

      I would be interested in learning what you decide.

      Yours in the Lord,


      1. JM-

        Are there people who profess faith in Christ as adults, and are “baptized” via sprinkling/pouring? What of them? I know that most credobaptist pastors/elders immerse, but what of a newly converted adult whose pastor sprinkles? I know this issue goes further than is convenient for a few blog comments, but I wonder at what point one should decide to be “rebaptized” (or baptized for the first time, according to the above quote… 😉 )


        I too was baptized upon profession of faith. 😀 Same with my wife. Our children are as of now not baptized.

        I’m looking at both sides of this issue for the first time, trying to hear out the Presbyterian/paedobaptist side of the issue. I have always been told/taught that paedobaptists as a whole believe in baptismal regeneration, but I have somewhat recently learned that there is much more to it than that.

        Thanks for this post. It spurred me to think some more on the issue.

      2. Hi Justin,

        I’ll respond as a brother, not a minister of the Gospel…yes, be immersed.

        My wife and I were baptized as adults in the Anglican church by pouring. After we studied the issue we decided it was better to follow scripture and be immersed. I am open to correction on this issue and it is always best to sit with the Elders of your church when making this kind of a decision but my answer is yes, I would say it is biblical to be immersed and therefore you should be immersed. Our children have all made professions of faith and that faith eventually lead to a strong, real desire to follow the Lord in baptism.

        It saddens me to think of how some folks were “baptized” as infants and miss out on obeying Christ’s command to be following Him in the waters, identifying with Him.


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