I can afford to be poor.

helmet“The world brings down its double-handled sword with a tremendous blow upon the heads of many Christians. “You will suffer the loss of all things for Christ if you are such a fanatic as to do as you do. You will be poor, your children will want bread, your wife will be worse than a widow, if you are such a fool.” “Ah,” says the Christian, “but I have a hope of salvation,” and the blow, when it comes, does not go through his head, but just falls on the helmet, and the world’s sword gets blunted. “I can afford to be poor,” said Dr. Gill, when one of his subscribers threatened to give up his seat, and would not attend, if the doctor preached such and such a doctrine. So says the Christian, “I can afford to be poor; I can afford to be despised; I have in heaven better and more enduring substance.” So, by the use of this blessed helmet he is not destroyed by the threatenings of the world.” – Spurgeon with an anecdote from Gill


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