“Episcopacy, or Independency, or Presbyterianism, or Methodism. It is not the having a Liturgy, or the having free prayer, it is not a gorgeous ceremonial, and it is not a scriptural simplicity; it is not much water or little water: it is not the adult immersion or the infant sprinkling. No, it is Jesus exhibited in the pulpit, honored in the worship manifested in the lives of all the people, that is the glory of the Church; and without that there is no glory.” – Spurgeon



  1. Indeed Evangelicals, like Spurgeon.. and in his time, surely did not like, nor really would have anything to do with the High Church! It was fully Anathema to them!

    However, it is historical and really refreshing to see and note the friendship and respect that the great Scots Calvinist Alexander Whyte had with Cardinal John Henry Newman. They were friends, and wrote letters to each other! And Whyte even wrote a book on Newman, called: Newman an Appreciation… I have a copy, (“Oliphant Anderson & Ferrier, London, 1901”). The Appendix contains Six Letters of Newman to Whyte. No, they did not agree much theologically, but they still respected each other, and no doubt for Whyte anyway, he saw Newman as a Christian and Man of God, though he was a Roman Catholic!

    • jm · May 3, 2013

      I’m not sure what to make of Spurgeon. I know I’m ‘supposed to’ like him, his works and witty remarks but I just don’t feel a connection with him theologically I guess. From what I’ve been reading Spurgeon was a committed low Calvinist and Baptist, he strongly defends these doctrines, but he also loved his brothers and sisters in other denominations. Alexander Whyte…another name I’ll have to google! Thank you.

      • Btw, I myself would never call Spurgeon a “low Calvinist”! I am myself a “neo” Calvinist! 🙂

        Yes, you might like Alexander Whyte? A great Scot Calvinist preacher!

      • jm · May 3, 2013

        When I use the term low Calvinist I was referring to the Calvinism Chart =

      • This chart is not all that correct to me! And I myself would not place Spurgeon in # 5, but like the Ordo Salutis, there are many opinions.

      • jm · May 3, 2013

        The Calvinism chart has been floating around the internet for a while with few objections. Those who object, not saying this is you brother Robert, were from Arminians and American style Baptists. I’m not a Spurgeon expert but I would say he was not higher on the chart than moderate.

      • Yes, I would place Spurgeon as a moderate Calvinist, as Calvin, the “biblical” Calvinist also. And I would place myself somewhat here too (with Calvin, a Calvin Calvinist). But I am always something of an eclectic, and here I would see St. Paul somewhat. Note, the true Reformed faith must always include something of the unio mystica! Btw, to my mind also a true Reformed Faith also includes a form of Protestant Scholasticism.

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