Covenantal Dichotomism

…the newness of the new covenant.

Truth in Grace

Late last year I stumbled across a Baptist Reformed blog discussion about a new book that was aimed at refuting infant baptism. With no malice towards those who practice infant baptism, the author of the book explained his aim as that of examining the presuppositions that led to this view with the objective being to convince Baptist to stay Baptist. This turned out to be a fairly comprehensive look at covenant theology, explaining clearly and biblically the differences in how Baptist and Presbyterians look at things.

I am most thankful for the blog, with comments from both sides – including the author of the book; and for the book – which is not high-minded nor overly intellectual. Not only is it a solid defense of credo-baptism, it is a wonderful walk through Covenantal Theology. What follows is a summary I’ve taken from Part 2 of the book, which takes some…

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