New Books!

I haven’t purchased any new books since September 2011 due to my ability to beg, borrow and convert files and online books to epub but I couldn’t resist the following two titles.

new books

From what I have read about them:

The Distinctiveness of Baptist Covenant Theology outlines the development of Baptist theology during the 17th century giving reasons why some of the English non-conformists arrived at credobaptism…and it has to do with covenant theology.

From Paedobaptism to Credobaptism deals with the Westminster Confession of Faith how the author changed his mind on the issue of baptism and now accepts credobaptism.




5 thoughts on “New Books!

  1. In general I do agree Fr. Robert. But I have to admit that as I continue to grow in the faith, live life and raise a family I become more and more a Calvinist everyday. I am convinced each and every day that Calvinism is the Gospel and credobaptism is the biblical practice. I have lightened up some on strict communion but I’m not convinced it is for the better.

    • Myself, I could never say “Calvinism” IS the Gospel itself! And I consider myself a neo-Calvinist to degree theologically. Note, even with their biblical and theological mistakes, the Wesley brothers had the basic core of the Gospel, which is Christ and the Cross! And John was surely more “Calvinistic” on sin, and held (as Luther, with Calvin) to Justification by Faith. But I can understand and somewhat appreciate where your coming from. 🙂

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