Benjamin Keach Contra Richard Baxter, Justification Contra “Baxterianism”

Reformed For His Glory

From the pen of Austin R. Walker:

At the heart of Baxterianism was the teaching that by his death Jesus Christ the Mediator died for all men and merited a new and milder law of grace, the requirements of which were faith, repentance, and sincere obedience. It taught that God now presented the gospel as this new law, replacing the original law under which man was created. Christ, it was alleged, having made a compensation to divine justice and the law of works, effectively removed from the equation the original law that demanded perfect obedience. God will now no longer execute against sinners the punishment due to sin as a result of the breaking of this original law. Instead, the gospel offers an amnesty to penitent breakers of the old law. By virtue of Christ’s work, God now accepts penitent sinners on the basis of a new law of grace…

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