get it now, or never

On Rev. 1.7-9 “Among them that shall see Him, these are added, They also who pierced Him: under which is comprehended His greatest Enemies; and it takes in both those, who had their hands hot in his blood, and killed him bodily; and those who crucified, and do crucify Him spiritually, as it’s said, Chap. 11.8. He was crucified in spiritual Sodom, they shall all, in that day, be called before His Bar, and be forced to look on Him.”durham1

“Christ’s coming to Judgement, is a special part of His stateliness, and a main part of the Universalness of His Kingly Office as Mediator, when He shall come and sit as Judge, and give sentence on godly and wicked, and send away the one, and welcome the other. This will be one of His stateliest days, when He shall vindicate Himself from profane men, and bear Himself out to His people in His exceeding Glory. Believers, believe there is such a Day; and let it quiet your hearts in the mean time of all these confusions. (Obs. 3) Our Lord Jesus His coming to judgement, will be a doleful coming to the most part of the world: they also who pierced Him, and all kindred of the earth shall wail because of Him; they shall cry to the hills, Fall on us, and to the mountains, cover us; and would be glad to get into the clefts of the rocks, and to the tops of the ragged rocks, for fear of the Lord, and for the Glory of His majesty, Isa. 2.12. Men would think the greatest hill or mountain a light burden in that Day, to get themselves hid from the piercing view of a slighted and provoked Mediator. Oh, but that will be bitter and sore to bide! Think upon it. There is a time coming, when many of you that hears this same word, if Grace prevent not, shall see and find the truth of it. It’s terrible, but experience will make it true: many of you now scares to hear tell of Christ’s coming to Judgement; but when that day cometh, it shall be bitter in another kind to you, when this bitter yelling noise, crying and howling, shall be among the carnal world that slighted Him, and ye shall find yourselves among them, and shall share with them; and every cry and yell about you, shall be a new wound. Therefore humble yourselves, and seek for mercy and reconciliation in time: for, either must you get it now, or never.” – James Durham, Commentary Upon The Book of the Revelation


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