We are Kings!

And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Rev 1:6

James Durahm, “These Privileges lay an obligation on Believers, to carry themselves as such.

1. If Christ’s blood be given as a fountain to wash at, then make use of it for pardon of sin, Mortification and Sanctification.

2. Let us carry ourselves Kingly.

Its a beastly thing to be a servant of sin; but, it’s a Kingly thing and stately, to be minding the Throne, we are called to the faith and hope of; to have our hearts and conversation suitable to that holy and heavenly place; to have royal spirits, disdaining, and trampling on the things of a present world, as unworthy of our hearts and affections. (3) Comparing this with the former, when he speaks of Christ, his affections warms; and when he speaks of the benefits, which come by Him, it leads him to the love they came from: and by that, again, he is led to praise Him; and he cannot get Jesus Christ set high enough.

Observe, Believers’ hearts should warm, and be often warming themselves with thoughts of Christ, and venting their warmness of affection to Him in praise: It’s a sweet thing, when Believers’ hearts cannot part with Christ; but, when ever He comes in their mind or mouth, still to give Him a word of praise, and come to their purpose again, as John doth there; And it’s often thus with Paul, as 1 Tim. 1.17, Eph. 3.20.” Lecture 2, Commentary Upon The Book of the Revelation


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