Durham’s theological digressions offer a deeper insight into the text of Revelation without making you feel like you have slowed or taken a detour into a theological dissertation. Unfortunately I will not be able to post the full text of his digressions but I will quote what I can.
trinitarian bible003
God revealed to us in His word:

“The Lord did answer Moses his desire of seeing His glory by showing him His goodness in the proclaiming of His Attributes to him that are manifested in His Word: there by teaching men to conceive of God, according as He hath revealed Himself in His Word, in the plain and comprehensive Attributes that Describe His Nature, wherein God’s goodness is sufficiently holden forth to sinners, which ought to be a sufficient manifestation of God to them here, without diving immediately into His Essence, which could no otherwise be manifested to Moses than by that proclamation. (2) We would be beware of forming Ideas, representations, or shapes of that One God and Three Persons in the heart, or in the head: these cannot but be derogatory to Him, being a likeness to Him of our own upsetting in our hearts: and cannot but diminish that Authority, which the true God should have in our hearts. We would remember therefore that He is purely Spiritual, whom no eye hath seen, nor can see: and therefore all such imaginations, are to be abandoned and abhorred.”Concerning the Trinity and the Object of Worship, Commentary Upon The Book of the Revelation

Essentially, if you want to know God, read His word in which He reveals Himself to us. I work in a library and have Christians ask for books that will help them walk with God, rest in His work, find peace for their troubled souls, prevent them from wondering astray, seeking Him, tearing down idols, etc. There is only one book that can help for there is no book like the Bible. It gives the assurance of blessed rest in Him, it draws your heart into fellowship with Jesus Christ our Saviour, if you seek His glory as Moses did God manifests and reveals Himself in His word. In His revealed word, the Bible, you will find the revelation of God.



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