Only The Spirit

A. W. Pink, pink

“The preacher may announce the law of God to the outward ear, but only the Spirit can engrave it on the mind. The realization of this fact ought to drive every minister to his knees. No matter how diligently he has prepared his sermon, no matter how clearly and faithfully he expounds God’s truth, no matter how solemnly and searchingly he endeavors to press it on the individual’s conscience, unless God Himself gives His Word an entrance into the soul, nothing spiritual and eternal is accomplished. Nowhere is the deadness of the “churches” more plainly evidenced today than by the absence of concerted and definite prayer immediately before and immediately after the Word is preached: the “song service” has been substituted for the prayer service. O that God’s own people might be aroused to the need of their coming together and crying, “Lord, open the eyes of these men” (2 Kings 6:20).” 38. The Two Covenants. Hebrews 8:10-13


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