“Let us proclaim the gospel again.

In the beginning God created all things very good. There was peace, harmony, justice and true worship. Man reflected God’s image, loved each other perfectly, and walked with God. But at some point (we don’t know when), Satan, along with other angels (demons) rebelled against God. And he was permitted to tempt mankind, and in that temptation Adam embraced sin! Adam questioned God’s goodness, thought God a liar, doubted God, and de-humanized us when he listened to Satan and ate of the tree. With this death, separation from God, and the kingdom of evil came to this world.

But wait, remember it was decreed by God that his kingdom was the plan for our universe? Yes, the Kingdom of God was, is, and forever will be the destiny of our whole universe! And even the fall into sin, and Satan’s kingdom were allowed to be real to ultimately serve the Kingdom of God! “The Lord has made everything for his purpose” (Prov 16:4). (Rom 11:36; 16:27).

Well how did God bring in his K in the midst of sin? By the gospel!

God being rich in mercy because of the great love with which he loved us choose to redeem us and his creation from death. So he cursed the serpent and gave the promise of a coming Savoir and so started the gospel history. Through the covenant with Noah, Abraham, Israel at Sinai, and David, God showed his loving faithfulness. Then God came into this world in Jesus. In Jesus the seed of Abraham, the Messiah King, the promised seed of the women, the true Savoir came. He defeated Satan, died, and rose again to reconcile all his people to God, give them the new creation by the Spirit, and eternal life…and with his coming came the Kingdom of God, the church, and redemption.

Now whoever calls upon the name of the Lord in repentance & faith shall be saved. You see as Creator and Redeemer all creation was made by him and for him; so he also reconciled all creation. Thus with his coming in grace & truth, God’s Lordship also came.

He established righteousness and peace on the earth!”

Pastor Henry Bartsch, Trinity ARP Church


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