Create Evil

“I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these [things].” Isaiah 45:7

No matter how you translate “evil” in this passage, the Lord did it.


11 thoughts on “Create Evil

  1. @jm: Yes, old Bullinger was a bit of an eccentric, but oh what a “Biblicist”, and evangelical Anglican! But his Greek Word knowledge and Lexicon is top of the rock! For which he received his Doctorate of Divinity from the then (1881) Archbishop of Canterbury, Archibald Campbell Tait. Also Bullinger’s book: Figures of Speech Used in the Bible, is hailed by Walter Kiaser.. ‘a book that every pastor-teacher should have in his library’! High praise for such a man that died in 1913!

    Btw, something I learned many years ago, is that a narrow mind, makes a narrow theology! And one thing is most certain here, John Calvin did not share a narrow mind!

    I won’t quote The Companion Bible note for Isa. 45: 7, people must do their own homework if they care?

  2. Br. Robert,

    You quote, “The meaning here can only be that the Lord dispatches/controls and allows evil, but again always for His purpose! But He cannot be the author of evil! (1 John 1: 5)”

    My original comment was, “No matter how you translate “evil” in this passage, the Lord did it.”


    • Well in both good logic and theology we know a Good and Holy God simply cannot “create” evil! But, He certainly allows it, and most importantly controls it, again for HIS purpose and glory! (Rom. 11: 36) Btw, much of Isaiah chapter 45 speaks of God’s contrasts, but the end is always GOD in Himself! (Verse 21-23)

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