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Reformed Covenanter

The papal antichrist doctrine is a crucial component of the Reformed faith; hence it is enshrined in the Westminster Confession (25:6).  Indeed, it is not merely a Reformed view, but is part of historic Protestantism (Lutherans, Anglicans and others held to it).  Sadly, this important teaching is both denied and expunged from the Confession (as in the American Presbyterian churches, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ireland), or else it is downplayed and rarely preached upon.  Thomas Manton, however, reminds us of several reasons why this teaching should not be abandoned or forgotten about:

Observe, then, that the doctrine of Antichrist is a profitable doctrine, and a point very necessary to be preached and known.

1. It is a point very necessary to admonish and warn the faithful, that they be not circumvented with these delusions, and be found in the opposite state to Christ…

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