The Religionist

The natural man, especially the religionist, can understand the words of the Book but can’t grasp the meaning or the message of the Book. 1 Cor. 2:14

The Pharisees had the literal meaning of the Old Testament and studied it frontwards and backwards but missed the whole theme and message of it. They missed Christ. The natural man can understand that there were sacrifices offered and ceremonies performed but miss the message of them as they picture Christ. The natural man can grasp that God chose and separated a people unto Himself and called them Israel but they miss the message that they were a typical people only, just as the ceremonies and sacrifices were, and typified the Israel of God: His elect in all generations.

The natural man can find sermons to fill each Sunday about religious things, about money, about marriage, about stewardship, about repentance and faith, about sanctifying yourself, about the wise man or the virtuous woman. They can preach messages from a literal knowledge and understanding of the words in the Book but have no clue as to what the words are telling us by the Spirit.

From Genesis to Revelation the Bible is a Book about Christ and His Gospel. The natural religionist finds things in the Bible. The true spiritual man finds Christ in it.

– Ron Wood



  1. Andrew Suttles · March 16, 2013

    Every time you post something from Ron Wood, just go ahead and put me down for a ‘Like’.

    • jm · March 17, 2013

      lol, I know the feeling.

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