God-given Faith

Silas Durand, silasdurand

“Again and again we are halted in our efforts to search deeper into the mystery of the resurrection, and attain unto a more perfect knowledge of it. It is not to be known in any degree by searching; it evades the scrutiny of the keenest intellectual powers. It is understood as fully by a child as by the most learned man. It is known only by revelation. It is believed only upon the evidence of a God-given faith. It can never be understood except in the experience of it. We are to hold fast the form of sound words,” concerning this, as well as all other spiritual subjects, “in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.” All that is written of it in the Bible is true, but is not for the comprehension of the natural mind, but for the comfort and instruction of the Lord’s people.” from taken from his writings, FRAGMENTS, MAY 10, 1902.



  1. John T. "Jack" Jeffery · March 13, 2013

    Part of my studies for the last few days has been on this subject, so I take this reminder personally as a timely caution on a difficult subject that has often been assaulted by unbelief and excess. Thank you for posting this!

    • jm · March 13, 2013

      At times Br. Jack, I feel like posting what I’ve read is useless, then I read a comment from a brother or sister in Zion then I remember it is all for His glory. His purpose. All belongs to Him. If this post was helpful, praise Him.

      Thank you.

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