The Second Commandment

Thou shall not make to thyself any graven image, or any likeness–thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them

True Worship:

“…should be spiritual, suitable to the nature of God, without any carnal imaginations, and external representations of him, Joh 4:23,24 Php 3:3 and that the parts of divine worship; as prayer, praise, preaching, hearing the word, and administration of ordinances; be observed just as delivered, without any addition to them, corruption and alteration of them, De 4:2 1Co 11:2.”

This commandment Forbids:

“…all superstition and will worship, human traditions, precepts, and ordinances of men; and the introduction of any thing into the worship of God, which he has not commanded, Isa 29:13 Mt 15:8 Col 2:20-23 and all images, figures, and representations of the divine Being, and of any of the persons in the Godhead; and, indeed, making the likeness of any creature, in heaven, earth, or sea, in order to be worshipped, and used for that purpose, De 4:15-18 Ac 17:29 Ro 1:23 and not only images of heathen deities, which were to be broken and burnt, but those of Christ, as a man crucified, of the Virgin Mary, of angels and saints departed, worshipped by Papists, De 7:5 Re 19:20. Though all pictures, paintings, and sculptures, are not forbidden hereby, only such as are made for, and used in, divine worship; but not which are for ornament, or for the use of history; and to perpetuate to posterity the memory of men, and their actions; otherwise there were images of things, of lions, and oxen, and the cherubim, in the tabernacle and temple, by the express order of God. Ex 25:18 1Ki 6:32 7:29.” – John Gill


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