KJV, still a best seller!


It seems this old translation is still in the top ten. Check out the stats here and here.



  1. Justin · March 4, 2013

    I did what I could to boost its numbers. 😉

    May it never sink into obscurity.

    • jm · March 4, 2013

      lol, we do appreciate it.

      • Justin · March 4, 2013

        This is off topic a bit, but what are your thoughts on KJV vs NKJV for kids (Ages 5-15)? Mine are currently using everything from childrens’ Bibles (the one by Anne de Vries) to NASB and even -yikes!- an NIV because that’s just what we have for now. I want to standardize within the family a bit. Thoughts?

      • jm · March 4, 2013

        Hi Justin, great question. In our family we use the KJV and have since the children were very young. Its not a rule that we have to use the KJV, but the kids know this is the family Bible translation of choice. When we have our Bible study/prayer time usually one of us has a different translation or paraphrase to read from. We often discuss the word of God and some of the older phrases or wording, believing it is better to read a small portion with understanding then a large portion or adhering to a reading schedule. Some days we read a few Psalms and that’s it, but we always try to make sure the KJV or whatever translation makes sense. We also use the Baptist Catechism and the London Baptist Confession with scriptural references which allows us to read scripture and discuss it in the context of the historic faith.

        I hope that helps. May you and your family continue to grow as your read God’s word.


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