readingIf you like to spend your Lord’s Day afternoon reading might I suggest Christ: The Way, The Truth and the Life ?

Dr. Joel Beeke writes,

“John Brown of Wamphray (1610-1679) has been rightly called the most important Scottish theologian of his day. He was especially gifted at merging profound doctrinal truth with warm Christ-centered zeal and godly piety. Samuel Rutherford wrote of him, ‘I always [had]… a great love to dear Mr. John Brown because I thought I saw Christ in him more than in his brethren.’ Brown’s blending of doctrinal truth and Christ-centered piety is most clearly displayed in his Christ: the Way the Truth and the Life. This is biblical, Reformed, Puritan spirituality at its best. Would you learn the art of continually fleeing to Christ by faith for your justification and sanctification? Read and reread this precious volume, filled with experimental truth about how to go to Christ continually for every spiritual need. Use it as a devotional gem, and pray for the Holy Spirit to grant you a growing, daily ‘making use’ of Christ by faith.”



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