The Love of the Father

During my supper break yesterday I read the following and it kind of took my breath away,

“Jesus Christ, in respect of the love of the Father, is but the beam, the stream; wherein though actually all our light, our refreshment lies, yet by him we are led to the fountain, the sun of eternal love itself. Would believers exercise themselves herein, they would find it a matter of no small spiritual improvement in their walking with God.

This is that which is aimed at. Many dark and disturbing thoughts are apt to arise in this thing. Few can carry up their hearts and minds to this height by faith, as to rest their souls in the love of the Father; they live below it, in the troublesome region of hopes and fears, storms and clouds.

All here is serene and quiet.

But how to attain to communionwithgodthis pitch they know not. This is the will of God, that he may always be eyed as benign, kind, tender, loving, and unchangeable therein; and that peculiarly as the Father, as the great fountain and spring of all gracious communications and fruits of love. This is that which Christ came to reveal, — God as a Father, John i. 18; that name which he declares to those who are given him out of the world, John xvii. 6. And this is that which he effectually leads us to by himself, as he is the only way of going to God as a Father, John xiv. 5, 6; that is, as love: and by doing so, gives us the rest which he promiseth; for the love of the Father is the only rest of the soul. It is true, as was said, we do not this formally in the first instant of believing.

We believe in God through Christ, 1 Pet. i. 21; faith seeks out rest for the soul. This is presented to it by Christ, the mediator, as the only procuring cause. Here it abides not, but by Christ it hath an access to the Father, Eph. ii. 18, — into his love; finds out that he is love, as having a design, a purpose of love, a good pleasure towards us from eternity, — a delight, a complacency, a good-will in Christ, — all cause of anger and aversation being taken away.

The soul being thus, by faith through Christ, and by him, brought into the bosom of God, into a comfortable persuasion and spiritual perception and sense of his love, there reposes and rests itself. And this 24is the first thing the saints do, in their communion with the Father; of the due improvement whereof, more afterward.”- John Owen, Communion with the Triune God



  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · February 9, 2013


    • jm · February 9, 2013

      The Fathers love? Absolutely. The more I read Owen the more I understand what he is saying and appreciate his deep insight.

      • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · February 9, 2013

        Indeed John Owen is always worth the read! 🙂

      • jm · February 9, 2013

        Robert, any recommendations on Owen’s work? I’ve read his work on temptation and currently re-reading Communion with the Triune God. Where to now?

      • irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert · February 9, 2013

        Well, since I have the whole old Banner Set, anything he writes on the Holy Spirit is very good!

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