Trinitarian Bible Society – Classic Reference Bible (HC)

Nothing fancy with this post, just some pics of the the hardcover Classic Reference Bible (9781862281929) from the Trinitarian Bible Society. The Bible I’m using for the pictures was donated by TBS to the library I work for. We received two copies. It needs to be noted the Trinitarian Bible Society promotes and disseminates the word of God. It is more then a store offering high quality Cambridge printed Bibles. It is a society of believers getting the word of God, the trusted Authorized King James translation, into the hands of the people. 

The Classic Reference Bible is printed by Cambridge so the quality is there, the binding is solid, the pages are smooth and the bold font is small but not as difficult to read as I first expected. It would make a perfect backpack or go anywhere Bible and at a cost of around $12.00 it is well worth the money. It would make an excellent pew Bible if the font was a little bigger, adding the Psalms of David to the back like TBS has done for other editions would really make this a complete pew Bible.  

* My Classic Concord Reference Bible with Psalms from TBS was used for comparison (ISBN: 9781862283237).

trinitarian bible001

trinitarian bible002

Two ribbon markers.

trinitarian bible003

After reading 5 chapters from Exodus I will say the bold font definitely allows for easier reading.

trinitarian bible004

trinitarian bible005

trinitarian bible006

trinitarian bible007

A picture from the reading plan in the back. (Robert Murray McCheyne’s plan.)

trinitarian bible008

A closer look at the Classic Concord with Psalms for comparison.

trinitarian bible009



  1. Ron Wood · January 13, 2013

    You are a bibliophile aren’t you?

    • jm · January 13, 2013

      Yes brother Ron, I am. I just can’t help it. I’ve worked in a library since I was 15, that’s 20 years of library work…its in the blood.

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