Bunhill Fields

Interesting historical notes on Bunhill Fields.

Wiki: Bunhill Fields is a cemetery in the London Borough of Islington, north of the City of London, and managed by the City of London Corporation. It is about 4 hectares (9.9 acres) in extent, although historically was much larger. It was used as a burial site for Nonconformists from the late 17th century until the middle of the 19th century and contains the graves of many notable people.[end quote]

Why do I find Bunhill Fields interesting? It is the earthly resting place of John Gill. Other names of theological renown include John Owen, Thomas Goodwin and John Bunyan. The great hymn writers Isaac Watts and John Rippon. And we could not forget the infamous radical George Fox (founder of the Quakers). After doing some looking around on line I found a website with a few photos of John Gill’s tomb and I post one here for your viewing.

A quote from the site linked below, “1665: Bunhill Fields opened for burial of people who died during the plague. Bunhill was never consecrated, which lead to its also being used as a burial place for dissenters.”

(source:  http://familybiblelearning.com/ukchristianhistory/pages/bunhillfields.html)



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