The Tithe

“The tithe is a system that obligates unbelieving rebels to give of their money. It was used in the Old Covenant in order to sustain the priesthood of Levites and to take care of widows and orphans. It must be remembered that most of those who were obligated to give tithes did it out of obligation and fear. That was because most of them were unbeliving rebels.

Now the true Israel of God doesn’t need a law to coerce or obligate them to give. They give because they want to. And they give sacrificially. They don’t need to be beat over the head or even reminded to give they just do. Remember that God doesn’t need your money but He does bless what we give. When a church or so-called ministry has to ask for money to continue it is a sure sign that God ain’t in it. If God is in it He supports it.” – Ron Wood


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