Rock of Ages

“Round, round, I wanna go round
wanna see the rock of ages
til my body gives out
gonna read the gospel pages”


4 thoughts on “Rock of Ages

  1. Ahhhh….great stuff!

    When I first saw this post on e-mail I feared it might be a rap song. Boy was I refreshed when I found this. I wish I could frail half as well (or sing 1/10 as well 🙂 ).

    • 🙂 I do listen to rap, not often…but Lampmode is very Calvinistic so they get a pass. Andrew, I liked the link to Gadsby’s Hymns on your blog so I shamelessly swiped the idea. It took me a while to figure out how to pull off the caper but I did it. I confess.

      I might buy the tab for this song from banjotom’s website. I think he charges $3 bucks for it.

      Have you tried thumblead yet? You could use The Dying Californian for plenty of hymns.

      • I got an interest in Gadsby’s hymnal from you, so the gratitude is mine.

        I’m not familiar with banjotom. Would you post a link?

        I’ve dorked around with dropping the thumb down to strings 2 or 3 when I strike string 1. Sort of a bump-a dit-ty. Instead of 1 and brush 5, I’ve practiced 1,2,brush,5. I know that is important to learn at some point, so I’ve experimented, but I’m not playing any drop-thumb songs yet.

        As far as the thumb leading…no, I haven’t tried that.

        I don’t know the Dying Californian site either. Where is it located?

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