The Lovinkindness of God

O what wondrous, glorious lovingkindness shines forth in the Son of God in doing the work for His peoplein finishing and completing the work for His people. Are there works to be done? Yes; never will any mortal enter heaven that does not enter there by God’s work, as well as by grace. “O,” say you, “I thought you folks would never talk about good works entering into heaven.” O yes, we do! Heaven receives good works and heaven approves of good works; but not works that are good in the eyes of flesh and blood. The very law of God requires good works; and it is utterly impossible for a just God to smile upon a sinful creature without them. God is a just God; He cannot acquit the guilty.” (Num. 14:18) What lovingkindness, then, was it in the Son of God in condescending, out of mere sovereign, free, divine pleasure and love, to enter into covenant, and there to engage to come and be responsible for the sinner; to stand in his stead; to be his head, his bondsman; to take all debts upon Himself, and clothe him with His own righteousness! Is not this lovingkindness, my friends? Did anything in our nature move the Son of God to come and manifest such lovingkindness as this? No, no; it is of His own sovereign, divine grace; and therefore it was certified of Him in prophecy, “Offerings and burnt offerings thou wouldest not; but a body hast thou prepared me; and lo, I come to do thy will, O God.” (Ps. 40:6-8; Heb. 10:5-7) Here is lovingkindness stepping forward to come and do the work that we had neither the will nor the power to do, but which He, out of sovereign, discriminating grace, engaged to do. And therefore He comes in the form of a man; and the apostle says, that “he was made sin for us, who knew no sin,” (2 Cor. 5:21) having all the sins of His chosen imputed to His charge.” – JOHN WARBURTON


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