Salvation by Christ alone. Rom. 11. 6; Gal. 3. 10

1 How can ye hope, deluded souls,
To see what none e’er saw,
Salvation by the works obtained
Of Sinai’s fiery law?

2 [There ye may toil, and weep, and fast,
And vex your heart with pain;
And, when you’ve ended, find at last
That all your toil was vain.]

3 That law but makes your guilt abound;
Sad help! and (what is worst)
All souls that under that are found,
By God himself are cursed.

4 [This curse pertains to those who break
One precept, e’er so small;
And where’s the man, in thought or deed,
That has not broken all?]

5 Fly, then, awakened sinners, fly;
Your case admits no stay;
The fountain’s opened now for sin;
Come, wash your guilt away.

6 See how from Jesus’ wounded side
The water flows and blood!
If you but touch that purple tide,
You then have peace with God.

7 Only by faith in Jesus’ wounds
The sinner finds release;
No other sacrifice for sin
Will God accept but this.

– Gadsby’s Hymns #45 / Jospeh Hart



  1. Andrew Suttles · August 21, 2012

    Is this set to a standard tune? It’d be nice to learn a few standard tunes to sing these hymns to. I wish I could figure out the chord changes by looking at musical notation.

  2. jm · August 21, 2012

    Andrew, one quick note about the Auld Lang Syne tab, drop the 4th string to a c and play away.

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