Old Time Shaving

(Another strange post, I know, but Christians tend to be frugal people and this will save you money.)

For years I used disposable cartridge razors or grew my beard out. While doing some research on an entirely different subject I stumbled across a few articles on old school shaving using a safety razor. After reading a few articles and discussion forums (yes, there exists discussion forums dedicated to traditional shaving) I decided to buy some old school shave essentials and give it try. The results were amazing and I have been using the stuff ever since. (When not growing my beard out which I do from time to time.) Now I have three or four shaving soaps, two brushes, a bunch of single edge and double edge safety razors, some made in 1912 and a bunch of classic aftershave scents. I get a better shave and save money with no irritation from multi-blade cartridges. I purchased my blades from Amazon at about .20 cents per blade and I get three to five shaves per blade. One puck of shaving soap will last months and months, that green puck of Proraso in the pic below was purchased a year ago for under $10 bucks.

(gold/brass razor is an Open Comb Micromatic single edge, the silver is a Lord L6 double edge.)

(silver razor is a GEM Heavy Flat Top aka G-Bar single edge the fancy handled razor is a Parker 65r double edge.)


Author: jm

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