…repeated the verse written by Isaac Watts,

He rais’d me from the depths of sin,
The gates of gaping hell;
And fix’d my standing more secure
Than ‘twas before I fell.

His last words were,

O my Father, my Father!


3 thoughts on “Gill on his death bed

  1. Grand! 🙂 Note the death of John Wesley also … I have Francis J. McConnell’s 1939 bio of John Wesley! Of course as one Reformed somewhat myself, I have theological problems with Wesley, but nevertheless, his greatness as a Christian man of God cannot be doubted!

    The Prayer Room at John Wesley’s House, London. He used to pray here night and morning: ‘I sit down alone; my God is here.’ He taught the assurance of one’s salvation, ‘In Christ’!

    1. Wesley was such a conflicted fellow. I can’t understand him or his evil, perversely wicked step child…Charles Finney!

      1. jm: Awe, sad, there is simply no comparison between these two men! Wesley was something of an evangelical catholic type, as an Anglican. In may places I am close to him, as his brother Charles! Indeed, they were not always theologically correct, but always great Christian souls! 🙂 Btw, the Wesley’s were grand on the place of Anglican ‘Word & Sacrament’! Sorry mate, not Baptistic here! 😉

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