Dealing the Guilt of Sin

“Do you think that Christ didn’t know all about all of your sin when He hung on that tree? By all means hate even the garment spotted by the flesh. Recognize that in your flesh you are nothing but sin and hate your sin the way God does.

At the same time also recognize that God sees no sin in His people. He looks on us as we really are and we are really in Christ. If God can see no sin in us, though we are full of it, then we need to live and learn to see ourselves as God sees us.

Fight that daily war with your flesh and walk in this world looking to Christ alone. He is all my righteousness, all my holiness and all my hope of acceptance with God. His is all and enough. If we can ever find out that Christ is all that God requires of us we may be able to look to Him.

I know from experience that looking at your self can only cause your guilt and confusion. Looking at yourself all that can be seen is sin. Looking at yourself will lay a load of guilt on your back that will bend you over under its weight. The only way to rid yourself of the load is to look up to Christ. You will never be able to measure up to the standard. Hate the natural man that is you and battle him daily. But don’t live as though you are defeated for Christ has already won the victory. He lived a perfect life in my place and His life is all that I need to be guiltless before God.

The question that you need to answer for yourself is whether you are truly looking to Christ. Is He enough for you or do you need more than Him?” – Ron Wood


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