The Pool Of Bethesda

It has been awhile since I quote posted something from Silas Durand. His work is always sound, experiential and worth reading.

“When the Lord calls his people and brings them to himself, it is always by a way that they knew not. They are blind to the true and only way of salvation and righteousness, and are still looking to some work that they ma be able to do, or that some one may do for them. So with the poor man upon his bed of pain and weakness. He is looking, after all these long and weary years, toward this pool, his hope and life almost gone, when, one Sabbath morn­ing, he heard a voice asking him, “Wilt thou be made whole?” How strangely this must have thrilled him! But still he had no thought of cure but from the troubled waters of the pool, and this strange question, asked him by a stranger, brings from him an expression of his sad condition, and of the long years of tedious watching, waiting, and disappoint­ment: “Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool, but while I am coming another getteth down before me.” Still the old fading hope, now revived by the thought that there may be one who will stay with him, and wait till the angel again troubles the water and then give him the needed help. How patiently, persistently, steadily the sick will watch and hope for healing to come to them through the remedies and attention of physicians and nurses! They are looking to the remedies administered, as this poor sick man was looking to the pool.” – Silas Durand


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